we A.C.T. on Food safety

we A.C.T. on Food safety

we A.C.T. on Food safetywe A.C.T. on Food safetywe A.C.T. on Food safety

Serving up technical expertise to food service and retail  operations:

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Our History

Savor Safe Food formed as a result of Sherwin Food Safety Acquisition 

Serving grocery, convenience, foodservice and hospitality industries. 

In 2016, Gina Nicholson Kramer, RS/REHS, executive director for Savour Food Safety International, joined her husband, Bob Kramer, RS/REHS and four other partners to purchase Sherwin Food Safety, headquartered in Baltimore, Maryland. The company was renamed Savor Safe Food and is now based in Worthington, Ohio. 

Savor Safe Food provides services to help businesses comply with health department regulations while protecting employee and customer health and safeguarding brand protection. “Ed Sherwin, president and founder of Sherwin Food Safety, was an industry trailblazer, working with culinarians in the hospitality industry to emphasize that food safety was their responsibility and should become embedded as part of their business culture,” Kramer said.

Savor Safe Food has assembled a team of top-quality food safety partners with extensive experience in education, auditing, behavioral change, government regulations, HACCP compliance and crisis management,” Barb Hunt said. “We take an innovative approach to food safety, serving independent restaurants, multi-unit food service businesses, hotels, conference facilities, cruise lines, government offices, convenience stores and supermarkets.”


Savor Safe Food honors the legacy that Ed Sherwin built with Sherwin Food Safety. Barb Hunt, Savor Safe Food managing director and partner, indicated Savor Safe Food has adopted the Sherwin Score, an integrated, independent third-party verification system to ensure client companies are following food safety standards.


Savor's Approach

We are different. Just like each food service operation is unique, its okay, we OWN it! We want to help each of our clients to do the same. No food service operation operates identically, that is why our approach starts with a holistic view of each operation.

Whether you have 5 units or 500, the Savor Team will work go to work for you! We are in the business of building relationships.

Here is how we work to ensure your success: 

1. Client Inquiry  →  FREE Discovery Consult

2. Proposal (Quote)

3. Project Kick Off (Timeline)

4. Progress reports 

5. Project Completion

Whether you are looking for support and expertise or starting from scratch, SAVOR CAN HELP! We are dedicated to offering expert services that fit the budget. Let our team help yours to define food safety and quality as a profit center!

CONTACT US today! 

Prefer to meet in person? We love that! We can meet at your location or ours! 

Are you a food processor? Check out our sister company Savour Food Safety International!

Savour Food Safety International services the food supply chain portion of the food industry with the same core services:




“For nearly 25 years with our company, we worked with a gentleman named Ed Sherwin who owned Sherwin Food Safety. He did a wonderful job for us, and when he decided to retire, I can honestly say I was concerned we would not be able to replace him at the same level. 

That is until the Savor Team came along. They have not only performed to the level Ed and his team did, but they raised the bar even higher. The knowledge they have in the food safety arena is second to none. "

- Client

“I can say without a shadow of a doubt that working with the Savor Safe Food team has been a true pleasure and blessing. I would recommend them to the highest regard to anyone looking for the kind of work they do."

- Glenn D'Amore (Silver Diner)


"We can’t thank you enough for all of your support and efforts this year. The Savor Safe Food Team has been tremendous and such a pleasure to work with and our teams are really responding to the audits and store visits. "

-Alex Bates (Cameron Mitchell Restaurants)