Audits | Inspections

| Regulatory Compliance  |

Let Savor assist in ensuring compliance with federal, state local health department regulations and build a food safety culture within your organization. New brick & mortar restaurants, improved, remodeled restaurants, and even restaurants on wheels must comply with appropriate regulatory standards. Prevention is key when it comes to food safety! The Savor team is excited to assist operations as an extension of your team. We coach and train on-site to ensure compliance and help to foster a solid food safety culture throughout the organization. 

| QSC (Quality Service & Cleanliness) | Brand Protection

An excellent quality assurance program will also provide the opportunity to build on brand reputation and protection. Savor Safe Food will establish an effective risk management program and train your staff on the importance of implementing this system on a daily basis. Optional daily checklists are available. 

Our team of experienced auditors will conduct audits using our custom audit program to provide automatic, real time email and online delivery of a reports so that you can monitor how your operation(s) is doing. 

Annual or Quarterly Audits?

Customized audits are available and encouraged. We can define metrics for your audits or use already defined metrics. Click below to contact us for a quote.

Not ready to commit to Savor as your food safety support? Let us prove our worth. Request a pilot audit or 2 (or 4) and we will show you what we've got!