Savor Safe Food is a diverse team of food service, public health, and hospitality professionals. Whether your needs are in FOH (front of house) or BOH (back of house)  we can help. Even at the corporate operational level, we have next level professionals ready to assist. Our team has worked IN the food service, not just with them.

Menu Labeling Requirements


Federal, state, and local regulations require certain restaurants to post calorie, ingredient, allergen, and other nutrition information on menus and packaged foods per 21 CFR Parts 11 and 101 : Food Labeling; Nutrition Labeling of Standard Menu Items in Restaurants and Similar Retail Food Establishments. Savor Safe Food can provide accurate recipe analysis that includes all relevant information and data to bring food service operations in compliance with new regulations. 

Customer Complaint Response


How does your team handle foodborne illness complaints from customers? Savor has epidemiologists on our team that can help to investigate and ultimately protect your brand. Our system for customer complaint intake and investigation provides peace of mind in the event of an complaint of this nature. 

Sanitation & Pest Control


Master cleaning schedule

Chemical sanitation partner


Critters are great, just not in food! Right? Unless you are into bugs as a trendy new protein source, you can agree. Savor has an excellent partner in pest management! Let us help you with your pest control program today. 

Occupational Health & Safety


OSHA standards are important to keep your workplace safe for employees and establishment guests. We can help you to be sure your programs can address any slips, trips, & falls that can occur. 

Health Department Cohesion


No matter where you are in opening your establishment we can help you to confirm your compliance with health department standards. 

New opening, remodel or simply beginning to look for a location for your establishment, contact us today for a walk thru and recommendations.

Have a food truck or food cart? We work with those too!

HACCP Compliance Management


A HACCP plan is a written document that defines procedures for determination of chemical, biological and physical hazards & their critical control points (CCPs) for food preparation, handling, and storage. 

Savor Safe Food will help you design a comprehensive plan that is effective, user friendly, and complies with regulatory agencies. This includes on-site training staff to ensure the plan is followed effectively.

HACCP Plans: 

Reduced Oxygen Packaging (ROP) 


Sous Vide




Sushi Rice

Raw Seafood Parasite Destruction Plans

Molluscan Shellfish

Food Safety Plan Elements:


Holding Temperatures

Cooling Process


Outbreak & Crisis Management


Closure or Enforcement Action

In the event that your establishment is cited for critical violations or closed due to code violations, Savor Safe Food will assist as a health department liaison. We work closely with the health department to determine the exact problems and help to the make appropriate corrections in order to bring your operation back into compliance!

Investigation of suspected foodborne illness  outbreaks

The public is much more sensitive about food safety issues. In the unfortunate event of a foodborne illness complaint or suspected outbreak, Savor Safe Food will coordinate all aspects of the investigation, including taking food samples for laboratory analysis, kitchen inspection and document reviews, conducting customer food history, and working cooperatively with local, state and federal regulatory officials. 

Supply Chain Management


Let us help you to achieve operational excellence. 

Cut costs, increase transparency and take control of your supply chain!

Supply chain management cannot be conducted without a solid software partner. Working in tandem with our sister company, Savour Food Safety International, and FoodLogiQ as a software partner we can help you to setup a program and manage it easily.

Savor Safe Food is proud to partner with FoodLogiQ. This partnership combines Savor Safe Food’s expert consulting services with FoodLogiQ’s traceability, food safety, recall management and supply chain transparency technology to provide food companies the support to navigate today’s increasingly complex food supply chains. 

Sustainability Programs


Looking to reduce waste within your operation? It is cost saving and can also help the local community when partnering with other businesses. Let us help you set some sustainability goals and implement a program to show your customers you care about the community and the environment! Finding was to reduce waste is just good business sense.

Food Cost Analysis


Menu items are more than just a draw for customers. Sourcing, shelf life and how much you purchase at a time all impact cost to the establishment. Let us help you crunch the numbers to see the true impact your next hot menu item!



We are constantly adding new services as our team grows! 

Contact us today to ask about special projects or new projects!