Donald (Don) L. Barrett

Food Safety Trainer/Consultant
Don began his food safety career in 1980 as a restaurant inspector at Columbus Public Health. During his 32 years at CPH, Don served as the Environmental Health Division’s Training Specialist and then Education/Training Coordinator. In the fall of 1988, Don began as an Instructor/Proctor of the ServSafe® Food Service Manager Certification Course when he joined Columbus State Community College as an adjunct professor in the Hospitality Management Program. In 1989, Aramark asked Don to provide ServSafe® courses for their operations around the state of Ohio. This grew into a consulting career during which Don provided ServSafe® Courses to companies throughout the state. It also led to his being the technical consultant for the creation of the Pathway to Food Safety Series published by the Ohio Grocers Association in 2001.

With a change in the Ohio Food Code in 2001, CPH began offering Person In Charge and ServSafe® Food Service Manager Certification courses to the industry with Don as the main instructor. Don was instrumental in the creation of the PIC course and scheduled all the classes. In 2006, the Ohio Restaurant Association’s Education Foundation selected Don as their second recipient of their “Educator of the Year” award for his years of service to the improvement of the food service industry. It was estimated at the time that Don had certified over 10,000 students through his ServSafe® classes.

In 2008, Don retired from CPH to become a corporate regional Food Safety/Safety Specialist with Giant Eagle, Inc. In his 7 years with Giant Eagle, Don continued instruction but then was the “SafeMark Retail Food Service Managers Program.” Working for Giant Eagle allowed Don the opportunity to apply his food safety knowledge to the daily routines on the grocery industry.